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Book your next cruise vacation with Mosaic Travel Design, and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local kitten nursery!

Our second annual Cruise for Kittens campaign is here! At the beginning of each new year, individual cruise lines launch their best deals and cruising specials in what is called Wave Season.  Wave Season lasts for a few months, and offers potential cruisers some of the best offers, such as additional shipboard credit, lower cruise fares, complimentary stateroom upgrades, and much more!

As a kitten foster volunteer over the past 3 years, I noticed that Wave Season coincides with the few months right before Kitten Season begins.  Here in Los Angeles, Kitten Season begins in April.

While Wave Season is in full swing and the cruise deals are hard to pass up, we hope to sell as many cruises as possible to raise money for a local kitten nursery that saves over 3,000 kittens each year from kill shelters!

A portion of all proceeds from cruise sales will be donate to the local animal shelter in the form of supplies most needed in the kitten nursery, such as kitten formula, bottles, baby wipes, warmie discs, kitten food, and more!

Cruise for Kittens will run through the end of March. If you are interested in booking a cruise during Wave Season, please contact Mosaic Travel Design, so you can help the little ones!