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Laura Burden & Jason Webb, owners of Mosaic Travel Design, in Napa Valley.

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Laura & Jason exploring Palm Springs resorts as a stay-cation option for clients.


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Mosaic Travel Design was created to represent the collection of destinations around the world.  We assist with your travels to each continent and location, as you compile new pieces to your story and arrange them into a beautiful mosaic!


Laura Burden graduated from Western Michigan University with a degree in Travel & Tourism, inspired by the family trips around the world she took as a child and a job at a local agency that specializes in cruises.  Shortly after graduation, Laura moved to Los Angeles to pursue the travel opportunities in the big city! A month after the big move, she began working at an agency in Beverly Hills in corporate and entertainment/VIP celebrity travel.  Over the years, corporate travelers began booking their leisure and personal travel through the agency, which inspired a new love of leisure travel!


Jason Webb grew up in Arizona, moving to California as a young child.  He landed his first travel job at 21 years old and has stayed in the industry ever since! With over 22 years of travel experience, he worked in many different facets of the industry, including leisure, corporate, and production.  As Jason has grown through agencies and was named LA Magazine’s Travel Agent of the Year, he made many connections with various hotel and airline representatives around the world! Experiencing the product firsthand is key, and Jason has been fortunate to travel around the world to explore new hotels and locations.


Mosaic Travel Design is the combination of two agents, a large knowledge of leisure travel gathered throughout the years, and the excitement to grow their careers in a new direction with a new business!

Watch the video below for an introduction to Mosaic Travel Design!

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